Staff Mobility


Preparatory Visits


Fruitful projects start with a ‘Hello!’.  Stage Malta has introduced and collaborated with various stakeholders on projects and initiatives that foster growth and internationalisation. Such visits put a face to a name and make it easier for people with the same interest and vision to work together.

Various lecturers take the opportunity to visit their students’ place of work and accommodation, meet the Stage Malta team and students’ supervisors to discuss the learning outcomes for each mobility.


Monitoring visits


Stage Malta invites Lecturers to come to Malta on a Monitoring Visit to verify that the objectives of the mobility are being met, identify the progress of participants and also validate the quality of the mobility. It is also an opportunity to provide support and guidance to the students, researchers and/or stagiaires in Malta on mobility. It is always great experience discussing work programmes, project outputs, administrative practices and project documents in its local context.


Job Shadowing


Staff from other Higher Education Institutions comes to Malta to spend a few days job-shadowing or teaching and of course discussing with experienced peers. One of the most popular discussions throws light on the differences between Educational Systems and Curricula in different countries.

Stage Malta’s well planned programme supports the professional development of each individual embarking on this short but fruitful experience. Such teaching/training assignments have been known to motivate and instill internationalisation and blended-learning in the classroom.


Training & Consultancy


Throughout the years, members of Stage Malta have been invited to provide training and consultancy in various European Higher Educational Institutions. Our focus is non-formal education, project management, staff and learners mobility. Through the rethinking and redesigning of policies regarding internationalization we have assisted Higher Education Institutions engage more students, manage expectations and education through mobility. We look forward to helping your Institution grow, innovate and create.