Quality Commitment

Stage Malta strives to achieve and maintain a high standard of quality in all aspects of its operation and continually satisfy the expectations of our stake holders in respect of all the programmes and activities offered.

Stage Malta aims to ensure that the needs of our stake holders are clearly understood and met.

All services are offered to a high professional standard with professional and commercial integrity.

Stage Malta is committed to ensure that:

•  The quality policy is upheld and supported by management at all levels;

•  Staff responsibilities and duties are clearly identified;

•  Members of staff are appropriately trained to enable them to undertake their tasks and given appropriate authority within the scope of their responsibilities;

•  Sufficient resources are provided to facilitate the work;

•  All appropriate documentation is maintained, controlled and achieved;

•  Periodic audits and reviews of staff, programmes and activities are undertaken to ensure that standards are maintained and opportunities for improvements sought.


Together we ensure that the highest quality standards are delivered each and every time.