About Stage Malta

Stage Malta is Malta’s most recognised and respected Institutions that has been a catalyst in non-formal education. Its goodwill derives from various positive strengths and quality commitment.

Over the past years, Stage Malta has successfully participated in various Programmes such as: Connecting Classrooms, Erasmus, EcVet, Lifelong Learning, Youth in Action, Life+, Interreg III, Euro-Med and IEE amongst others. It has grown into an affluent model in the field of non-formal education. It has successfully collaborated in projects and initiatives within various sectors from education to engineering, from media to real estate, from financial services to sustainable agriculture. We believe in making a difference.

The proof of our success is real and tangible. Exploring Stage Malta’s activities demonstrates that success is not only about having a commitment to quality; but actually, it is about keeping it!

Facts at a glance…


Non-Formal Education

We provide the tools for various people to put theory into practice.

Landmark In the Field

Stage Malta is nowadays known by everyone in due to its commitment in providing exceptional learning outcomes, dedicated service, tangible results and fruitful collaboration with all those who share mutual goals.

Responsibility towards other Maltese Companies

Stage Malta has been entrusted by over 8,000 local organisations with providing them with interns, stagiaires, researchers, mobility guidance and trade visits. Collaborating with numerous established firms, NGOs, Government Departments and Agencies has been beneficial to all those involved.

Trusted by Higher Education Institutions

For the past 15 years, Stage Malta has hosted learners and staff from over 600 Educational Institutions, 150 Secondary Schools, 23 National Agencies and other partners.

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