Internship Programmes


Your needs and ambitions are unique. This is why Stage Malta is proud to have partnered with various organisations who are happy to welcome you within their team of employees. Collaborations and partnerships are ever-growing with the ever-growing international business environment of Malta. There is always something for everyone: Aviation, Business, Education, Energy, Entertainment, Hospitality & Tourism, Gaming, Health & Medicine, Import & Trade, IT, Logistics, Manufacturing, Maritime, Media & Communication, Prospection and Sales, Transport, Security and much more. The aim is for you to be exposed to an English speaking professional environment, whilst discovering who you are, your passion and your purpose.


As soon as our internships team receives your application, we will send you a detailed proposal. This is followed by a one on one meeting (via video call) with an experienced International Coordinator to discuss your career goals. We guarantee a Maltese internship experience that is fruitful and reflects your desired learning outcomes. At the end of the day the aim is for you to apply what you have studied to a professional work setting.

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