jeep safari We can say a lot of
things about us ...

There’s nothing like going round the countryside roads, enjoying the sun and breeze with your friends in a jeep. It is quite a laugh.

quad bike tours Ready for a new experience ?

Explore the typical Maltese and Gozitan valleys on a quad bike. It will be an adventurous fun filled day.


The day starts at the fishing museum where the artisan fisherman will explain the different techniques: hooks and lines, nets, pots and traps etc. Then you will join him on his day’s work.

Scuba diving in a crystal blue sea

Malta is known for diving. Don’t worry too much if you have never done it before. We have professional experienced instructors who will guide you. More experienced divers will dive in different environments.


If you are up for an adrenaline rush you should get your competitive spirit and give carting a go!




treasure hunts

Breaking the ice is not easy! Treasure hunts to entice you to become more familiar with the locals, whilst discovering their lifestyle and culture.

archery & combat archery

This is similar to paintball but this time you will have a bow and arrow. You will have special safety arrows and you will shoot in teams .

After a short introduction about handling and shooting bow and arrow, you can either aim for bull’s eye or go for ‘paint-ball’ with a bow and arrow!


Festivals, Street Parties, Fiestas, Pool/Beach Parties, Clubs, Bars, DJs …
no wonder Malta is a destination for having great fun. The good part
is that most of the bars and clubs are free to enter; most festivals are
also free!! So what more can you ask for?

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